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Wheeling 101

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When it comes to girls, most guys have no idea how to act. They may have the ability to hold a conversation but they have no way of converting it into anything more. Often this results in becoming friends (nothing wrong with that) but then they fail to take it any further and get stuck in the brozone. Alternatively, when striking up a conversation, if you fail to handle it awkwardly, it could result with the girl excusing herself and going back to what she was doing.
If you are confident over the phone, you may use a dating app and end up meeting up. However, when you end up going on the date, it important to establish a romantic connection by being your self. If you fail to do this it might end up with the girl ghosting and never making herself available for another date . In this post, we’ll examine a few ways to improve your skilllzz.

Assume the Girl Is Attracted To You, Before You Start Talking

One of the best tips to help you pick up a girl is to assume she is interested in you before you start talking. This ensures you approach her with confidence. If the girl is interested, she may sound excited, play with her hair, laugh, and do any number of things. However, in some cases this will just be their personality and may mean nothing.TBH, you have to use your intuition to know if she is flirting back. It is important to not be to aggressive and if you see some tell tale signs that she is not interested, than you should leave her alone and just move on.

Have The Body Language

It’s essential that you communicate with a sexual vibe. For example, while talking to her, make eye contact, stand straight, rock a solid flex or do a dab. Talk slowly to project sexiness, power and confidence. Pause at the right moment to allow you to build sexual tension or just stare at her awkwardly and don’t say anything.

Lead The Convo

Lead the conversation but also be genuinely interested in what she’s saying, be authentic and don’t act. If you can’t carry on a convo then its probs best that it doesnt go anywhere.
Make sure you have an icebreaker before talking with the girl — it is important to keep the conversation short and sweet with something that can easily transition asking  for her number or asking her out for a date.

Conversation Topics

You have to know your audience, talk about things that she may find interesting. In order to do this, you should initially focus the conversation on her. People love talking about themselves since it activates the brain’s pleasure centers in similar ways to money and food. If she speaks about herself around you, she will associate the positive feelings with you. The best way to ensure your dating is successful is to talk less about yourself and bring the conversation to her. Also, ask open ended questions that dont just require a yes/no answer. That typically puts an end to a conversation.


Be yourself with an added dose of excitement and confidence. Also, practice approaching people and getting shut down. Nobody ever became good at something the first time they tried it. You must fail, but every time you fail you will learn and become more relaxed the next time around.

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